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What Color Should You Choose for Washington Kitchen Cabinets?

Homeowners today probably have more choices for the color of their Washington kitchen cabinets than ever before.  This can mean the color of the wood itself or a shade of paint or stain; they an also choose melamine or another manmade material that comes in any number of colors and styles.

To choose the best color for your Washington kitchen cabinets, first consider the rest of your home, especially if you have an open floor plan with the kitchen leading right into the family room or dining room.  You need to choose something that is at least complementary to these colors or tones; if you have a traditional home, that will probably mean warm, rich tones.  If you have modern décor, you may want white cabinets and cupboards so you can dress them up with stainless steel appliances and nickel pulls and knobs.

You also need to consider the size of your space when deciding on colors for Washington kitchen cabinets.  If you have a small space but want something warm, consider an antique white rather than stark white or dark colors that may close in your space.  The antique finish will warm up the white but still make the space seem as large as possible.

Timeless colors and choices of wood can also work well for Washington kitchen cabinets.  Cherry and maple both have rich, warm tones that last for years.  If and when you’re ready to sell your home, they will appeal to a wide range of buyers.  When choosing these deep colors, if you’re afraid they will make your space seem small, choose a few glass door fronts or open cabinets.  This will open up your entire space around your Washington kitchen cabinets and keep it looking and feeling spacious.
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