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Overhead Washington Kitchen Cabinets

Overhead, or wall kitchen cabinets as they are sometimes called, define the space in the kitchen and set the color scheme for the general design.  With renovations, Washington kitchen cabinets make their mark in the room by taking up so much space.  It is the central theme for the new kitchen that you are building and you want everything to look its best after the cabinets are installed.

The first thing that you see when you walk into a kitchen are the overhead cabinets and it is that tone, grain, color and style that accentuates and even dominates the entire area.  That is why it is crucial to consider the design and tone of your overhead wall cabinets before you start to get into the realm of matching paint colors and picking out new kitchen floors.  The floors will pick up the color from the wall cabinets and the base cabinets, but you want to avoid a clashing contrast.

Before you start assembling a kitchen design, it is important to think about all of your options.  Get sample doors for the Washington kitchen cabinets that you want to use and then obtain several paint color swatches.  Pick up a few floor tiles that you are considering as well and ask for a sample for the countertops that you will be installing.  Design doesn’t have to be difficult when you have all of the samples together and you use your imagination.  Lay all of your samples out and keep in mind that the overhead kitchen cabinets are going to be the strongest influence.  When you settle on a cabinet design, start switching up different paint swatches next to the sample door of choice and this will start to give you a vision for your new Washington kitchen.  Now lay out some different tile options for the floors and place your countertop samples between them.  Once you have found a good flow, you are ready to place your RTA cabinet order and get the ball rolling to complete a beautiful kitchen.
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