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Recycling Ideas for Your Old Washington Kitchen Cabinets

To recycle something means to use it again rather than to throw it away; some today use the term “up-cycle,” which means to fix up or repair or otherwise re-purpose an item so you can use it in a brand new way, rather than throw it away.  If you want to know how to up-cycle your Washington kitchen cabinets so you don’t need to just let them clog up a nearby landfill, there are many things you can do to cut down the materials and find new uses for them around the house.

Making small shelves and shadowboxes is the easiest and probably most obvious project you can do with your old Washington kitchen cabinets.  These are easy to make and require only a small bit of cutting, sanding and painting, and you can find brackets to mount them at any hardware store.

There are other projects you might consider with your old Washington kitchen cabinets.  Take out the drawers and add wheels to the bottom of them so you have storage for under the bed.  Kids can store their toys or grownups can store the books they’re reading during the evening.

You can easily make small side tables with the wood from your old Washington kitchen cabinets.  Use the doors from the cabinets so you don’t need to measure and cut, and add legs you get from the hardware store.  A fresh coat of paint and some varnish and you have a side table that goes anywhere.  Leave the door handles or pulls right on them for an interesting touch.

Once you have recycled your old kitchen cabinets it only makes sense that you will be purchasing new kitchen cabinets. There is no better place to buy kitchen cabinets other than at the RTA Cabinet Store. They offer a wide range of styles to fit any kitchen’s needs and any home owner’s desires.

You might be asking yourself what RTA kitchen Cabinets are. RTA stands for ready-to-assemble. This just means that each and every cabinet comes individually packed and needs to be assembled. The next thing you are probably thinking is that assembly is not for you because you think you need the knowledge and the tools to construct them. This is where most people go wrong because in fact you only need a screwdriver and know how to use one to assemble every RTA cabinet. This is made possibly by the RTA Cabinet Store’s unique cam lock system that constructs sturdy cabinets that will last you for years on end.

Not only can these cabinets be shipped to anyone’s front door in the country in 2-3 weeks but the prices simply cannot be beat. If by some slim chance you find a price, with shipping included, of the same style that the RTA Cabinet Store carries they will beat that price since they have a guaranteed lowest price policy in place. If delivery to your front door for a low price wasn’t enough, the quality of these kitchen cabinets is second to none. There is no particle board included in any of the cabinet’s construction at the RTA Cabinet Store. There is solely solid wood throughout these kitchen cabinets making them the perfect compliment to your kitchen for many years to come.

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