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How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Washington Kitchen Cabinets

It can be a big job to completely replace your Washington kitchen cabinets and many homeowners know they have other options for painting and staining their existing cabinets, which can be more affordable.  However, there are times when the cabinets and cupboards you have are just not salvageable and need to be replaced completely.

Often the quality of the materials for your Washington kitchen cabinets will affect how well they last over the years.  When you choose cheap pressboard and thin plywood, this might save you money at the moment but it can mean edges that curl and doors that get easily chipped and scratched, more so than if you invest in quality materials.  A bad paint job or poor refinish can also mean sanding down these materials, and this can only be done so many times before they need to be replaced altogether.

It’s also good to remember that new Washington kitchen cabinets today will have organizational features and elements that will make your kitchen much more useable for you.  A door-length spice rack that slides out is perfect for someone that cooks from scratch.  Slide-out shelves on the bottom can mean less stooping and bending since you can easily reach what is in the back without rifling around your items.

Only you can decide when it’s time to actually replace your Washington kitchen cabinets, but when you do decide that your current cabinets are just not salvageable, remember that you still have affordable options.  Prefabricated cabinets can be purchased for a fraction of the cost and installed yourself to save on the labor.  This is much easier than many homeowners realize and can be done much more quickly than waiting for a contractor to order parts and handle your remodel.
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