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Tips for Adding Light to Washington Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing darker Washington kitchen cabinets is a great way to add a sense of richness and warmth to your home.  Darker woods such as mahogany or cherry are often considered more elegant and just more handsome, and these can go well with a modern décor or with something more traditional.

However, one drawback about darker Washington kitchen cabinets is that they can absorb light and if your kitchen doesn’t get much natural light, your entire space can seem too dark.  When you order new cabinets you may want to take the opportunity to consider upgrading or updating your light fixtures and elements in your kitchen as well, so that your entire space is pulled together and a welcoming area for the entire family.

Pot lights are a great addition to a kitchen and are not that costly to install.  These add a soft and warm glow to the space and can be placed anywhere that would work for your kitchen.  When you add a few that are just a few inches out from the edge of your cabinets, they can reflect the cabinets themselves rather than just the space in the middle of the room.

Track lighting is another great option for the same reason; you can aim a few of the lights right at the cabinets so that they are not without light or a glow about them.  When you aim a light right at your Washington kitchen cabinets, they will reflect that light and not absorb it no matter the color.

Remember to add light in other areas such as underneath the upper cabinets so you can spotlight decorative accessories.  New light fixtures will keep your Washington kitchen cabinets from being overly dark and will ensure your kitchen is a welcoming space.

One of the most sustainable types of lighting, which is also an easy DIY job, is LED lighting. The LED light strips are perfect for accent lighting and are very easy to to install under your wall cabinets or even in your cabinets. These naturally bright white lights can now be found in any color you can imagine just in case a bright white light is a bit too traditional for you. Also, precise control over color temperature of this light is available with this technology. Electronic dimmers can control the level of light output with pinpoint accuracy, and the fixtures themselves provide control over the direction of the light, reducing glare and increasing the beauty and efficiency of your design.

As for the sustainable side of things, they will lower your electric bill significantly because it doesn’t require as much energy as fluorescent lighting does and they last 100% longer than fluorescent light bulbs as well which will save you money in the long run as well as waste from throwing out light bulbs every few months. Do yourself a favor and invest in LED lighting. A great place to shop for a DIY under counter or under cabinet LED light strip kit is LED Kitchen & Cabinet Lighting Store. They have a great video displaying the installed product in detail and have helpful information that will answer any questions that you might still have about LED lighting. Visit the LED Kitchen & Cabinet Store at www.ledundercounterlight.com.

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